FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23rd  6:30pm – 8:30pm

Join Sandy Smith of 4pillar feng shui and Jamie Gerhard for a 2 hour Workshop on learning how to set intentions and prepare your home or office with enhancements and cures for the 2018 year.
Friday the 23rd from 630pm-830pm at 314 Wendover ave Louisville KY 40207, you will learn about the year of the Brown Earth Dog and what that means for you.
$85 for pre-registration, or $100 day of/at door.

To reserve your space just send payment by PayPal to JamieGerhardLMT@gmail.com
Space is limited to 14, so make sure you sign up to grab a spot. Sandys prices to come out to your home is $100 an hour, but at this Workshop you will get 2 hours and a Cure Card Kit that retails for $35. The kit includes the BaGua Chart and beautiful decorated Card Art to put up in each direction of your space, just bring a simple sketch of your home or office, marking the 4 cardinal directions(N,E,S,W) in their correct location and we’ll teach you to use the chart and how it relates to you.
Sandy is a certified Red Ribbon Professional Feng Shui Consultant by the International Feng Shui Guild and have been practicing Feng Shui for over 15 years. Her consultations include four pillar charts (Chinese astrological reading unique to each person), home and business space analysis with recommendations to improve the energy of the space, and annual Chinese Year predictions with cures and enhancements to support each person during the year. Every year a new animal from the Chinese Zodiac ‘rules the year’ but what most people don’t realize is that there are three other animals that influence the year. And there are five-elements, and what are known as ‘Flying Stars’ that influence the aspects for the year. The year of the Yang Earth Dog is upon us and brings with it auspicious and inauspicious aspects. Using the BaGua (a nine sector map) I educate people how to enhance the positive energy of the year and suppress the inauspicious energy in each sector of a home as it will be affected by the Chinese New Year aspects.
Any Questions just email Jamie at JamieGerhardLMT@gmail.com or call/text to (502) 974-3639
+PARKING: Please Use the street for parking or the Wendover Business Lot across the street. Please Avoid parking in the Driveway of the Building.
++Refunds will only be given up to 48 hours of the workshop